Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Temporary job- boring; Meeting Ren- interesting; Journey to India- Puzzling; Durga’s Prophecy- Confusing; Kelsey and the Kappa- horrifying; Kelsey and Ren- heart-warming; Kelsey saying no to Ren- heart-breaking and Kelsey leaving for India again- saddening.

I felt a lot of emotions when I read this book. Many times I felt like hugging the book close to my chest and tears came spilling out and sometimes I wanted to throw the book across the room but refrained myself because I didn’t want to harm it.

The whole concept of having an adventure in India with a half-tiger half-human is so exciting and everything is well-paced and it is interesting throughout the whole book. I have absolutely no complaints with this novel. Spectacular, religious, heart-touching, and most of all a great read. The perfect blend of two very incomparable and elaborate cultures.

There were some parts which I felt were from other books like Ren being nice from inside but covering himself as rude. That is the personality of Will from Infernal Devices. There were many things I could compare Will and Ren to but of course, they both are just as much different as two fingerprints.

It took a lot of effort for me to refrain from re-writing the whole story in this post. It just has so much life that anyone can get mesmerized by it.Each detail is beautifully described and every character is so unique that you feel a different attachment to all of them. Every sentence is written so clearly and with so much feeling that immediately you get attracted to the book like iron nails to a magnet. The difference- the magnet is covered in layers and layers of beauty, love and affection. It is a beginner’s task to indulge yourself in this story.

It was nearly impossible for me to wait for it to arrive. Huh, I wished I had gone slowly with novel; I was so intrigued that I finished it within three hours!

This book holds a special place in my heart:



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