Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Beautiful and full of never-ending fights. Fights between families. Fights with enemies. Fights with self. Every fight had a meaning. From Tessa thinking the Institute would torture her, to hating herself for liking Will.

A new concept based in the 1800’s and a perfect historical novel. Every place is perfectly described and it is not hard to become a character in the story, the way it is written.

The love triangle between Tessa, Will and Jem continues through the whole story and is kept alive by adding fights, drama and closeness. Each character has their own unique personality. Tessa is insecure, beautiful and elegant. Will is rude, has a sarcastic sense of humor and has a vulnerable side to him. Jem is nice, caring and quiet.

I am more than ready to spill out every detail from the story but I would like you to experience the warmth of the book in your own way.

The end of the book is so craftily written that I actually it thrice. It was very different from most novels I have read. One of the best things in this book was that Cassandra Clare titled each chapter according to the least important detail. Even for the title of the book itself. Clockwork Angel. Tessa’s angel is only mentioned a few times in the book but naming the story after it displays a great sense of creativity.

The Marks signify a Shadowhunter and webbed hands, colored skin, hair or eyes are the identification of Downworlders. But what if you don’t have any identity? Yet, you can still do what Downworlders can. Is it easy to live without knowing who you are? Without knowing how you really look like? Afraid that every time you Change, you lose yourself? This is exactly how Tessa Gray feels and has to live with it everyday. Would be ready to do it?

This book also holds a special place in my heart



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