Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

This is just a spoiler discussion!


No! Jem cannot be with Tessa! Jem is a really nice guy and I think that Tessa would eb happy with him but she’d be even more happier living with Will. And think about poor Will. His heart just shattered into a million pieces. After all he did to make sure that Tessa was safe. He was very rude to her, just because he wanted her to be safe. But he deserves her. Tessa originally likes Will and that cannot be changed despite all he tried. Jem is different; he just needs happiness for his last few years(or months.) Three lives are being ruined- Tessa, Will and Jem.

The prologue really caught my heart. Will begging for Tessa to hate him just so she doesn’t get harm because of the ‘curse’ placed on him. This just shows how sincere and a good gentleman he is from inside. Old Mol was right to not give him ‘atred potion!

Mortmain really has some nasty tricks up his sleeve. He will do anything to get Tessa’s power in his control. ‘The Hand of Death’, as he named himself, is ready to kill and endanger lives of many, just for the sake of power.No one can stop him, or so he thinks. The Institute is going to leave no stone unturned in this battle. Mortmain will not succeed.



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