Divergent by Veronica Roth

Not allowed to wear bright colours. Not allowed to wear your hair down. Not allowed to talk during supper except for family talk. Was there any doubt or surprise when Tris( a.k.a Beatrice Prior) decided to leave Abnegation to join the Dauntless? No, I am afraid there was. Abnegation has its own pros but there are more cons. Many restrictions.

Divergent. One thing you are not allowed to be. Why? Just because you can be aware during simulations. A very good reason? For the Erudite, yes. Most of them, under Jeanine Matthews’s influence would do anything to kill these.But there is some other secret which only perhaps Jeanine knows about. After all, you do need a very strong purpose and reason to start a war.

How can a Stiff survive with trained, built-for-heavy Dauntless? One thing. Motivation. And pressure. Continuous pressure from her faction. Just how much can one person handle?

After a few bruises, black-eyes and sore muscles, Tris finally gets what she wanted. Top position in Dauntless. But that comes with a price. Her divergence will get her killed. No other way except rebellion or escape.

I thought this was a great read for people who consider themselves low compared to others. Don’t think like that! You can probably do better than others can! Just give it a try!

To which faction do you belong? Erudite, Amity, Abgnegation, Dauntless or Candor. One choice will affect your life . Choose wisely.



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