Tiger’s Voyage(Tiger Saga #3) by Colleen Houck

A very intriguing cliffhanger was left at the end of Tiger’s Quest which led me to read Tiger’s Voyage. A book full of suspense that you have to discover. Step-by-step. You miss one piece and you have to go back. Like Parcheesi, it is a game of minds. With the added horror of dragons. Red, blue, green, gold and white. They come in all colours.

The best thing about this book would be the trigger which welcomed Ren’s memory back. I was waiting for that part to be told. But to get to that yummy centre filled with chocolate, you have to eat around the crust first. Though I have to admit, the crust was delicious. Colleen Houck wrote this novel in a way, so that we keep waiting for the chocolate delicacy and eventually got to it but it lasts only for a few seconds. Then, everything is burnt cookies. Everything gets tangled in a mess.

A whole new quest to take on, many terrifying dangers and sacrifices, and prizes to obtain. A true voyage out on the sea aboard the Deschen. The team- Ren, Kishan, Kelsey, Mr. Kadam and Nilima set out to seek Durga’s Necklace. The third gift in the quest to break the curse on the tigers. Magical and filled with fantasy, this voyage is challenging and requires many sacrifices. If they are ready.

Ren or Kishan? Who should Kelsey choose? Should she follow her heart to the one she loves or her brain to the one whose heart has to kept from shattering? Is she willing to sacrifice her love for Kishan’s happiness? Does her happiness lie in it? A square pillow or a long pillow. Kelsey has to choose.

The story takes another leaping twist when she is taken. The ultimate sacrifice. And she is ready for it. To give herself and her happiness up to save the tigers. Her tigers.

I would give this book 5 stars- ★★★★★

1 ★ for the suspense of cliffhanger explanation.

1 ★ for the character’s clear demeanour.

1 ★ for the ultimate choice.

1 ★ for the mythical fantasy creatures brought to life.

1 ★ for the captivating writing style.



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