Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress by Tina Ferraro

Teens love parties. Especially proms. And what comes with the delight? Prom dresses. But what if your invitation to prom is then declined? Then, your beautiful dream shatters, leaving you with an unworn prom dress. Exactly what happened to then sophomore, now junior, Nicolette Antonovich. Dreams shatter, when we hold them up on pillars made of sand.

Prom. One of the most wonderful times. But, if things get bad, the worst. For Nic, everything was perfect. She got invited to junior prom by a popular guy. A beautiful vintage dress to wear. Suddenly, unlike fairy-tales, everything gets messed up. She is dumped. And to her name is an unworn prom dress hanging on the wall, reminding her of this day.

What should she do with it? Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress is not a list of those ideas, but a sweet story that takes twist and turns. And a lot of ‘omigods’! This novel follows Nicolette and her dress from miserable times to extremely pleasant dreams.

Homecoming dance. Will she get invited? By whom? Rascal? No way. Jared? No, they weren’t even friends. But maybe, just maybe, luck could change. Surely, there had to be some happiness in a life of misery? Nic wants a perfect life. She still is to learn that nobody is perfect.

I loved this book! I know, I do say that to almost every single book I read, but authors are amazing people! Scientists might say that there is no such thing as magic. But we readers know, that to read a well-written book is enchanting in itself. A new type of magic. Enchanted Book.



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