The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Update (7/13/2015): I apologize for this abnormal summary of a review. I will re-write it when I read this book again.

District 12 in Panem has made its name in the world through Suzanne Collins. The story of a brave girl who stood up to save her sister from being killed has definitely captured the hearts of many. Ranked a New York Bestseller. The Hunger Games. Such a catchy title. Resting in the minds of many readers, not to mention also on their bookshelves.

One against 23 other tributes. A challenge that could take your life. No choice. Nobody is your friend. Killing is the key to survival. Two tributes from each of the 12 Districts. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from District 12.

Katniss meets Peeta, the boy who gave her bread when her family was starving, on the path to the Arena. The place where you fight for your life just to earn enough food for your District. When Haymitch Abernathy, their mentor, gives them very little advice, that is already known to them, all they have is themselves. And weapons, that is, if they could gather some from the Cornucopia.

In Katniss and Peeta’s fight with the other tributes, they grow close despite the fact that they are supposed to kill each other. They have to endure days of hunting, torture purposely placed by the Capitol and sleepless nights looking out for wild animals or artificial mad creatures created to kill them.

Realizing that they are not meant to be fighting amongst theirselves but against the Capitol and its selfish ways to gain entertainment. They are just pawns to President Snow who is having fun. For now. He does not know who he is messing with.

1 ★ for having Katniss,the female protagonist, brave and powerful.

1 ★ for the deep twists that took place in the story.

1 ★ for ever-active and never-boring storyline.

A artistically written dystopian novel that is extremely popular among teens and even the older folk. Everyone has their own individual thoughts about books. Why not share yours? What did you think about this book?



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