Similarities Between Novels- Infernal Devices vs. Tiger Saga

Many people are getting interested in reading nowadays and the competition to produce a bestseller is very high. During all this, some authors may accidentally have the same idea. This is a post chain that will point out the similarities between two particular novels/series.

This post id dedicated to similar ideas between Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare and Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck.

1. In both novels, there is a peculiar love triangle. Tessa is the brave, beautiful girl who has powers she did not know about, like Kelsey, Will is stubborn and fierce like Ren and Jem has the personality of Kishan. Both Jem and Kishan are quiet and have a nice way to the girls. And Tessa and Kelsey are torn between Will and Jem, and Ren and Kishan.

2. In Infernal Devices, Tessa first devotes her heart to Will. Later, she starts loving Jem. At the end of the series, it is Will again.(Not counting her traveling the world with Jem.) The same is done in Tiger Saga. Kelsey is first with Ren. Then Kishan. And Ren again.(But this will probably change in Tiger’s Dream.)

3. Both Tessa and Kelsey are orphans. And both their parents passed away in carriage and car accidents. Very familiar.

4. Tessa and Kelsey both spent most their former lives reading books and poems. They are very interested in literature.

5. Axel Mortmain and Lokesh both seem very similar. They both want to marry the female protagonist(Tessa and Kelsey) to sire a race that would be more powerful than anyone.

6. At first, both Tessa and Kelsey love Jem and Kishan because they are afraid that their hearts’ would shatter. Later, they genuinely love them.

7. In the beginning of Clockwork Angel, Tessa is about to get married to Mortmain. When Will comes to rescue her, she hits him with a water jug. In Tiger’s Destiny, Lokesh is about to marry Kelsey when Ren comes to save her but she bites him and slaps him across the face(even if that was for show.)

8. If Tessa was not immortal, I would have actually believed that Kelsey is a future version of Tessa. Along with Ren being Will and Kishan being Jem. But that cannot be, because the princes were born before the others. Before the 1800’s.

There are lots more but they are not as important or major as the ones above. These similarities might not mean anything but it is always good for me to glance at them and realize how much connected two totally different books can be. It is like a doorway from one world to another.




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