Team Ren+Kelsey or Kishan+Kelsey? ❤

All of Tiger readers favour one or the other Tiger for Kelsey. Which one do you think should be with her? Though, I think that is up to Colleen Houck to create and choose, we can still take sides, right? So let’s get the team started!

Team Ren:
– Sweet
– Caring
– Always there to help
– Brave
– Very smart
– Charming
– Great sense of style
-Handsome; Beautiful

Team Kishan
– Vulnerable
– Kind-hearted
– Innocent from inside
– Feels guilty about Yesubai
– Tries to hide his feelings
– Brave

Alagan Dhiren Rajaram or Sohan Kishan Rajaram?

I am not trying to separate the two brothers but Kelsey does have to choose one.
So, which one do you like better and why?



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