Tiger’s Destiny(Tiger Saga #4) by Colleen Houck

At first, I had thought that the most important thing that kept me going on this adventure was romance between Ren and Kelsey. But as I read this book, I realized that there were more intriguing scenes too. I, in fact, liked every single word in this series.

Now, there were times when I felt like trashing the book because Kelsey did something stupid. But more than that, there were times when I drifted off to a beautiful dream with the book wrapped up in a bear hug. I have to say, no matter how many times you read it, it is going to be just as delectable, and just as nerve-wrackin’.

Like a gut-wrenching roller coaster, this series has many huge ups and steep downs. There are also ditches out of which it is nigh impossible to come out of. I will also have to say that I cried when I finished the series. I had gotten so attached to the Oregon girl and two Indian princes that it was really hard for me to leave them onto their endless journey.

The Rakshasas’ the Qilins’, the Twins’ and the Chimera’s roles and scenes were so well played out that it was not hard to hate them or grow affection for them. Anamika(the former name of Durga) was a well-written character. The perfect leggy warrior Barbie Amazon doll.

Being an Indian myself, I just loved the concept of adding Indian mythology into a teen romance-adventure novel. It is an honour to be of this race and this book displays it.

The ending was the best part that I loved. It was a happy ending for everyone- Kelsey, Ren, Kishan, Anamika/Durga, Sunil and Nilima. Mr. Kadam will always be remembered. His love of airplanes and technology, his notes, the way he used to get carried on with facts…

I am so excited that the ending of this book was an ending but not one for Ms. Houck. We will be reading a new book from this series soon. Can we figure out what it is about? Or will she keep us in the darkness until we see the crisp white pages?

Another 5 stars for one of the best series the world has ever read.

Extra Stars:

1 star for the Tiger’s Curse broken!

1 star for the fragrance of sandalwood trees and waterfalls!

1 star for the kind-hearted Kishan.

1 star for the sweet couple- Ren and Kelsey

1 star for the heart-melting ending, that is not actually an end.

The Amulet of Damon
The Father of India
The Son of…



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