10 Reasons Why You Should Read

This is one question that flashes in red in people’s minds, especially when they are reading book blogs or something concerning reading. “Why should I Read?” Yeah. I could be doing anything in my time but why is reading a strong option? Well, here is your answer.

Listed below are 10 reasons why you should read. If you don’t immediately start picking out a book after this, I don’t know how you will do it.

10. Academics– Studies show that reading really improves your academic skill. It charges your mind and activates those brain cells so you can do better at studies.

9. Inner Peace– Like yoga and meditation, reading is a great way to relax your soul and body and release any bound stress. It allows you to think of other problems and other world rather than worry about your own life. Better than taking tablets, isn’t it?

8. Strengthen your vocabulary– Now you can know what all those hard-sounding and long words like blandish and imperious mean. You’ve always wanted to be the one to know more words and comebacks(not recommended) than the other, right?

7. Creative juices– Expand your creativity to a level where not even the sky is the limit. Your creativity can be limitless, without boundaries. Let it flow to extents. Let it fly freely.

6. Know what to expect– When you read different types of books with different scenarios, you know what to expect when you encounter one. For example, if you have read novels about heartbreak, you will know what to expect and what you will be going through. Hopefully, you will also find the cure.

5. Chat away! As you read new books, you learn many different answers to different types of conversations. You can use this to interact with people.

4. Bonding– We get bonded to a good book so much when we read it that we forget all other things happening around us in the real world. This is one of the best things, but don’t read while doing the laundry or it might overflow!

3. Knowledge– By reading, we learn many many more things than we could possibly know in a short amount of time while enjoying the entertainment. Trust me, a reader would know 70% more than a non-reader.

2. Love the world– This world has so many differences yet it is the same one we will all live in together. Get to know this world and love it by reading about it and stories about lands far way from here. Lands far and near call to you.

1. For fun and enjoyment– Yes! You have to read for your fun! One of the best pastimes is reading and after knowing all these reasons, why wouldn’t you?


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