Wish by Alexandra Bullen

‘If you could have anything, what would you wish for?’

The sentence that is supposed to be attracting attention pulled my wishes that I had buried deep down, instead. I began thinking, I I could have a wish, what would it be? Would I wish for worldly peace or would I ask for never-ending chocolates? Olivia has other plans.

It is impossible for her to live life without her sister. She feels lonely, miserable and invisible. Her parents see Violet in her. Even Skater Guy can’t rouse her appetite. Until, she wishes for her sister to be back. Not a necromancer’s spell, this wish comes from a dress. A dress that was not asked for.

For most girls, making a wish would be a dream come true, literally, but for Olivia, it is her life. The thread on which she balances her living. Soren, whom she immediately likes, is the boyfriend of her first friend, Calla. Insta- love, which I am not so fond of, is really annoying, and this book couldn’t change that.

There is nothing really interesting in this book but it still has a fair amount of thoughts and wisdom that everyone should read through and understand. Not really worth wasting the time, but I liked it and it was sort of a light-read, despite the death of the sister.

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