The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

My first Sara Shepard novel got me captivated. Addicted, actually. I want to read them all in one sitting. Read them until my eyes cannot stay open and I am forced to shut them and let my weariness lull me to sleep.

Crime scene. Two twins who did not know each other in life learn to cope in death. This book gives ‘Yours in death’ a new meaning when Sutton has to follow Emma around everywhere like she is magnetized to her.

Emma, now living her dream life-Sutton’s life- is nervous and becomes intimidated each time when the murderer sends a new message. Until later on, she believes that Sutton is alive. But she does not yet realize the cruelty and evil pervading around her. Jealousy is in the eyes of each girl who looks at Sutton-who is now Emma.

As Sutton trails behind Emma in her ghostly form, she slowly uncovers the truth of her murder along with her. She gets to know her ‘friends’ for real and they actually were. Their true reflection.

Emma slowly befriends Ethan Landry, Sutton’s geeky neighbour who had a crush on her. But because she refused to respond in the same way, he avoided her. Now, as her new friend, Ethan learns of Emma, stuff she hadn’t told anyone. Who she was. Her twin. She discloses her life.

Could this be the biggest mistake of her life? Or did that already happen?

This question rests in my mind as I ponder reading the second novel in the series. I know what my biggest reading mistake is.

I couldn’t stop reading it! But guess the price I got for this curiosity. I went online and looked at the end of the series. And learned who the killer was. Now, here is my warning: never ever EVER do that. It almost killed my desire to keep reading the series. Something I didn’t want to give up.

This was my first ever crime-fiction book and I must say, it really got me reading more of the genre. Now, I might even move towards J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’. The book really caught me from the beginning and didn’t let go! And I didn’t want to leave either!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes crime-fiction and isn’t easily spooked by haunting stories. If you are, well, read it in sunlight. But I assure you, the vampire books out there are more hazardous, no offence!

TLG(The Lying Game)is a prank played by Sutton and her friends- Charlotte, Madeline, Lilliana, Gabriella and Laurel. But is it really clean? The people who the pranks are played on might want revenge. What if one prank went too far? And is really anyone involved innocent?



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