Differences- Eragon the Book; Eragon the Movie

I just finished reading Eragon and watched the movie. I couldn’t help but get annoyed at the mistakes. Now, I know that the movie directors did some changes to make the movie better but we all wanted our original book!

This is not a movie review. It is a review of the differences.

I found so many differences in the two that it changes the whole plot. I understand that a movie is much shorter than a book and only a few chosen and important scenes can fit in but the Eragon movie is so different from the actual book. Here are some of the differences-

B- Book
M- Movie

B- Roran leaves before Saphira’s egg hatches.
M- Roran leaves after she has hatched.

B- Garrow gives money to Roran outside house.
M- Garrow gives blessing to Roan on dining table.

B- Roran leaves alone for Therinsford.
M- Roran leaves alone with Katrina.

B- Eragon dreams about a Shade torturing Arya.
M- Eragon dreams about only Arya and she is in a dark corner.

B- Eragon learns Durza’s name after he meets Ajihad.
M- Eragon learns in his dream.

B- Saphira just keeps saying Eragon again and again.
M- Saphira says stuff about thoughts when she first speaks.

B- First, he doesn’t know how to read(Brom taught him later) and second there was no book.
M- Eragon opens a book about dragons.

B- The Ra’Zac are described to be like cloaked creatures with beaks.
M- Ra’Zac look more like black mummies wrapped with bandages

B- In the book, Eragon rides Saphira proudly.
M- Saphira claws Eragon and takes off yelling ‘Stupid boy’ to him when he falls off her back.

B- Eragon takes Garrow to healers. He then dies at Horst’s house.
M- Garrow dies at home.

Movie-  The Urgals were just men brutal armor. Book-  Urgals look like Minotaurs with horns

Book- Brom wants to go to Varden. Movie- Brom follows Ra’Zac.

Book- He meets Angela in Teirm. Movie-He meets Angela in Daret.

Movie- The Shade has blue eyes. Book- Shade has maroon eyes.

Book- Eragon learnt Arya’s name in his dream. Movie- Eragon learnt it while healing Arya.


3 thoughts on “Differences- Eragon the Book; Eragon the Movie

  1. I loved the books and really disliked the movie. Aside from small plot points like what Eragon’s dreams entailed, things like Arya’s hair colour were so, so wrong.
    The only good thing about the movie was Murtagh, who remains awesome in every way.
    But other than that, I wish there was a remake of the movie because the books were so awesome and the movie just didn’t do it justice at all.

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