The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Ever wondered what kind of apocalypse would befall Earth on so-called Doomsdays? Well, this book follows the story of a teenage girl, Cassie Sullivan, who finds herself in the middle of an alien war. These aliens are not the Little Green Men we always imagine or the friendly E. T.s. These aliens are thousands of years ahead of us and they know how we think. They’ve been watching us for years.

Cassie believes that living alone is the only chance of survival. That is, until she meets Evan Walker, the cute farm boy with warm chocolate eyes who mysteriously has soft hands. Evan is perfect, but how far does this perfectness go? He washes her hair, gives her massages and teaches her how to fire a rifle properly. But along with all that runs a dark secret. A secret that might drive Cassie away from him. For good?

When Cassie’s little brother Sammy is taken from her, she realizes that it is not all about survival. And that the people who remain after the alien attacks will not be weak; they will be the strongest.

Now, it is all about finding Sams to fulfill the promise that she made to him. Will she be able to keep her oath or will her promise add on to the pile of broken ones?

This book deserves a full 5 stars! ★★★★★

Bonus Stars:

1 ★ for the great  character development

1 ★ for Cassie’s brave personality

1 ★ for heart-capturing Evan!

1 ★ for the beautiful cover!

1 ★ for the wonderful writing style


1 ★ if Mr. Yancey decides to put a bullet through Vosch’s head. (Inside joke between me and Cassie, *-*)



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