Music Is Like An Abyss

Again, for English class, I had to write a few poems. Ugh, I know. But I rather like this one- it reminds of my feelings towards my favorite songs. I hope you all like it too! 🙂

Dedications- I would like to formally dedicate this poem to… One Direction, for guiding me into the life of music just when I was beginning to think life was hell. Thank you, sincerely.


A sound makes its way to my ears,
Beautiful but somehow incomplete,
I strain to catch the notes,
High-pitched but not piercing.

The notes float all around me,
Faint but somehow overpowering,
I try to blend the melody with my soul,
Try to match it with it my heartbeat.

I am afraid to hum,
scared that I will lose the rhythm,
that I might ripple the perfection.
I lie still, listening, patiently.

There are no words; no lyrics at all,
But I can feel the pain,
can laugh along with the happy moments.
I can distinguish them, tell the pieces apart.

I am absorbed in this creation,
I feel nothing of my surroundings,
All I want to hear is the tune.
I hear the last note, ringing, as I fall,
deep into the abyss of my dreams.


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