Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


There are reasons why you can’t summarize a whole novel in a book review without any spoilers and do it justice. Phenomenally great. What else it there to tell? I suppose I could say that I giggled hysterically every time Cath fangirled(I dreamed about my own fangirling times) or that I sighed dramatically each time a Levi-scene came up.

Fangirl didn’t have me from the start. There was a point in the beginning when I thought it dragged a teeny bit but nothing can be perfect!(except my ‘topic of fangirling’) I, not being in college at the moment, found it a little hard to imagine the scenarios. It was heart-breaking at times and sometimes it was eye-watering (I didn’t cry but I am thinking that is how it should be).

Ms. Rowell’s writing had a weird effect on me. When the energy bars were mentioned in the book, I put aside the book, went to the kitchen and got myself a granola bar. Just to have the ‘Cath’ feel. I made myself a cup of hot coffee(on a sunny day!) when the gingerbread latte came in. Maybe it’s just the food?

First of all, this book is a fangirl heaven, for obvious reasons, and more. One thing that I found pretty amazing was how Rainbow Rowell inserted some parts of Cath’s fanfiction in between the chapters. It sort of allows you to see how serious she is about Simon Snow. There were also snippets from the Simon Snow books. We all probably know by now who Simon is referred to as in the novel. (Psst- Harry Potter)

Can we take a few moments to talk about Levi? The talkative, smiley, chinny-guy with the too-long legs and floppy hair. And a tan. The roommate’s boyfriend. From the outside, Levi seems like a ball of sunshine. To Cath, he is annoying and beautiful. Annoyingly beautiful, perhaps?

College is hard. Especially with no friends. Cath is struggling; not in her grades but in her life. Her sister has turned her back on her. The only person Cath ever knew is gone. It’s hard for her to imagine a life without her twin. Will she find her way and make her own choices?

Wren and Cath are drifting apart. Simon is starting to hold less importance for Wren. Will Cath leave her beloved Simon and Baz for her twin sister, who is her ‘built-in friend’? How much will she sacrifice?



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