Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

For most people, vampires are an out-grown thing that they were obsessed with during high school. Not me. I am just getting the hang of it. I can’t say this is the best book I have ever read but it is definitely worth going through.

To me, in the beginning, Bella came off as a stupid young teenager who couldn’t even walk a few steps without tripping over herself and landing in the ER. And I admit, she still does. But this is one those books where you just have to push past the first few layers to get to the glorious heaven inside: Edward Cullen.

Again, I wouldn’t say he is the best of guys. I found Edward overprotective and a bit exaggerated. Vampires might be breathtakingly beautiful but the way Bella describes him just sort of puts me off for some reason. Their relationship feels one-way still, even with Edward proclaiming his love for Bella many times.

Edward, to me, didn’t also seem like a real man. Most of them don’t talk about their feelings and Edward does, repeatedly. He also claims he loves Bella. Does he really, when he is a vampire overpowered by the smell of her blood? He says that many times too, as if smelling nice makes men want to spend forever with you.

All the boys seem to be attracted to Bella- is it just me or is that an excessive trait to have? Yes, some girls are very beautiful but that rarely happens in real life, especially when you have a girl like Bella who doesn’t pay attention to anything beauty-related.

The writing style, from Bella’s perspective, was definitely a great pro. I really loved the sarcasm and the ease with which the book is written. Easier to associate yourself with the protagonist and imagine the story.

Honestly, if you don’t notice these minor issues, then this book is perfect for you, given that you can tolerate the perfectness of vampires, which is the centre-point of the whole story. It is a really enjoyable story, suitable for anytime, anywhere.

Overall, I think this book is a great light-read, even with the vampire-werewolf background. Not for people like me, who have to criticize everything they try. 😉



2 thoughts on “Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

  1. I have not read Twilight myself (although I plan to), but I know the basics. Since you liked it, (and yes, I know it is almost a year later-yeesh, that sounded even scarier typed- but I assume you still remember it with good thoughts… ?) I suggest The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa. 🙂 I did a review of it on my blog. Happy reading!

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