Reboot by Amy Tintera

Couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. I left ‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephenie Meyer half-read just to read this. The result? A fast-paced ‘zombie’ action story with just the perfect amount of romance. Just a little less to be cheesy and a little more than scanty.

I feel bad now that I have finished it. The sequel to this novel, ‘Rebel’ is the conclusion to the series. And as I write now, I am taking in little paragraphs from it just so I can quench my ‘Wren-Callum’ thirst.(I still haven’t decided on a ship name.) I’m going with Calluren- cal-uh-ren.

It wasn’t at all hard to get into the book at first, but I found myself at times reading some sentences over and over to get a better view of things. Now, I understand I lack some ability to comprehend action scenes properly but in this novel, they sort of blurred by. Great if you don’t really like to focus there.

The main overview- Wren, better known by her Reboot number, One-seventy-eight, is a kick-ass, unemotional ‘zombie’ who loves chasing humans before she imprisons them and hands them over to HARC. HARC is an organization formed by humans that want to ‘protect’ the remaining part of Texas from KDH, the virus that started making Reboots out of humans.

Now, Reboots are not entirely zombies. Yes, they have resurrected after their death because of the virus but they are still humans. Their feelings and emotions supposedly decrease the longer they are dead before Reboot-ing. Wren thinks of herself to have no emotions at all and while that is true towards most humans, it changes when Callum enters the scene.

A goofy, ever-smiling, happy-go-lucky boy has entered her life. Wren does not know why but she picks Callum to be her trainee this time. This is odd since she has only chosen the highest numbers. Callum, Twenty-two, is a human. This sweet guy even refuses to kill anybody, landing both him and Wren into trouble. And there starts the roller-coaster, plunging deep and soaring high.

Their love is hinted from the start but towards the middle of the book, I think it overdoes itself a tiny bit. Of course, I did not mind that at all. Not when there was Callum.

Every character from Leb to Officer Mayer was transparent. By that, I mean you could read the part and know the character. You could know their nature, but not enough to let the novel be spoiled.

I loved this book and I think it was worth ignoring ‘Breaking Dawn’ just to get to know Calluren. After all, everybody deserves a break from molten-gold-eyed Edward.


Just joking, 10/10 šŸ™‚


1Ā ā˜… for sweet Callum!

1Ā ā˜… for the kickass girl protagonist! Yeah, Wren!

1Ā ā˜… for Wren’s oh-so-girly emotions!

1Ā ā˜… for Calluren! Not forgetting it..







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