Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano

This is why I don’t read books until a few years after they have come out. Where is the second book??? Of course- 2015. No!

Interment is a floating city fenced by a train that runs along the edge. The Edge is deadly, the people of Internment are taught. In a small place ruled by a king, Morgan Stockhour feels suffocated. She wants to know what the ground looks like. Wants to only look down from the Edge to take in something with her eyes that she cannot imagine. She knows the danger- her brother is a Jumper. But her curiosity yearns for more, more than she can fathom.

Everything is moving along, not fine, but okay. Morgan’s father is out late for days and her mother stays intoxicated with sleep elixirs but it’s all okay. Until the incident. With people now feeling more unsafe than ever, their questioning minds ask for answers.

A very amazing book with a very amazing plot. The world-building was great and it had to be, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see it from Morgan’s eyes. This world is one where you are given a betrothed, the one you would marry. Love does not have the meaning it does on the ground. The people of Internment love because they are supposed to.

I absolutely loved the writing style, a bit poetic but not in prose. It was lovely, the way the words seemed to come alive. Beautiful story, beautiful way of making it happen.

The characters were all very likeable  and this made the story even better. This book I highly recommend to anyone with a curious mind. Anyone who knows what curiosity leads you to do. And just anyone in general 🙂



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