Endlessly by Kiersten White

I went on a series spree and finished this series back-to-back. That is truly where the fun lies, readers. These books were so awesome, even though they didn’t have a direct cliffhanger at the last page.

Shakespeare’s plays are popular despite the fact that they are tragedies. Why so? Because he did to his characters what he thought was right. And I believe that is one of the most important things to consider when writing a book. You do what is right, even if that means killing one of the best characters.

I am not saying that is what happens to the characters in this book, neither am I trying to spoil it for you. This is what I like about Kiersten White’s writing. She is not afraid to launch a rocket full of problems at Evie, even if that means Evie will have to make a decision that will cost her.

The characters definitely improved and Evie’s natural voice was back, too. You can only guess how happy that made me. I would have been more than content with that alone but how do you stop wanting more when you know you can have it? This book was probably the best out of the series—I can’t decide.

Lend wasn’t perfect. Thank goodness. That was portrayed clearly in Supernaturally. Jack comes an almost full circle. Reth grows less annoying and he becomes even more sweet. Evelyn becomes more strong, more wittier, and a tad bit more sarcastic (is that possible?).

I absolutely loved the ending to one of my now-favourite series but there were times when the tiny boring parts stretched. Nonetheless, I would recommend the series to anybody and everybody. Especially girls. Especially paranormal-loving girls.

In short, this was a bleeping good book! (Obviously not bleeping more almost-perfect than Lend)

Favourite Quote- “We linked hands—my ex-boyfriend, my boyfriend, and my former friend-then-enemy-then friend and I—and walked through a door to see if maybe empty carbs were good for something after all.”

(At first, I decided to choose a funny conversation between Jack, Lend and Evie. But that had a spoiler so then I decided against it 🙂 )

I hereby declare this book worthy of ★★★★½


1 ★ for Evelyn. You are one of the best heroines and now-forth my idol!

1 ★ for beautiful covers even though they didn’t reflect story 😉





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