Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

I’d heard so many good things about Kelley’s books that I decided to go pick some up at the library. I couldn’t get hold of her Darkness Rising trilogy or Darkest Powers so I just got Sea of Shadows, thinking it would be just as good. I was wrong.

Firstly, the book was very slow-paced. It felt like every minute was printed on the book for the first few chapters. It also dragged in the middle. I only bothered to finish this book because otherwise the guilt of not doing so would have nagged me later on. I actually left the book after about eight chapters for a week. I have only ever done that with the Twilight Saga.

Usually I love the protagonist but in this book, I preferred reading about Ronan or Gavril instead. The twins, Ashyn and Moria, were pretty stereotypical and boring characters. The hound and the wildcat, the girls’ pets didn’t really have a role to play but were deemed as really important.

I got the feeling that the middle of the book was beating around the bush. Not much interesting happened but not much useful happened either. It was also confusing and the plot had some plotholes.

The romance was barely there and that was okay since it wasn’t in the main storyline but I think it could have been better. There was little suspense but it was really nicely kept until the end. The ending was not really a twist or even a proper cliffhanger but it was enough to make me consider reading the sequel.

If you’re a fan of Kelley Armstrong’s writing, give it a shot, but if you would like to spare some did-not-finish guilt, leave it.

Favourite Quote: “Sister?” she sputtered. “I no more resemble you than Gavril does. They’re going to think . . .” She stared at him. “They think we’re lovers.”
Now it was Ronan sputtering as he laughed. “I would take more offense at your expression if it was not so adorable, Ash.”
Ash? He’s never called me—She pushed the thought aside, refusing to be distracted. “You let them believe—”
“Yes, because that is the best explanation for two young men and two young women to be on the road, and it’s the one they’d likely arrive at whatever our story.”

I was planning on giving this 2.5 stars but the last few pages sparked some interest.


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