Atlantia by Ally Condie

*I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. This does not influence my review and all opinions and feelings are my own.

Oh, how I love pretty covers! This cover first caught my eye on Goodreads and I have been in love with it ever since. Now, it is a book I own, and I am very proud of it.

Two sisters, twins, so unlike but so alike and the same time. This new novel tells their story, from the eyes of Rio, one of the two. Two choices: Above or Below. One chance. Two handsome partners. Hidden sirens. Deep-buried secrets.

This is a really thoughtful book. I love how Ally Condie weaves a hidden message behind the book’s plot—our Earth will be depleted of its resources if we don’t use them wisely. Though this only said once throughout the entire novel, the message is hinted. The whole world of Atlantia is based on the results of resources that finished, leaving Earth stripped of trees, with only underwater being a safe place to live.

The world-building is a bit lacking, for the city of Atlantia is not easily constructible inside the reader’s mind. The characters are somewhat-relatable but they are very nicely defined. The writing style is lovely, a bit soulful and a little poetic. Everything comes together really nicely at the end, too, although it is kind of rushed.

The characters? Rio is a very deep and dynamic character. She is not perfect, as some authors claim their protagonists to be, but she is strong. True is the best supportive friend anyone could ask for. Bay is the twin sister who not only understands Rio, but is also ready to take risks for her. Maire is the mysterious one, the character you only know by what you can assume. More than this, all the characters are real. They have personalities that we can relate to.

Overall, this is slow-going with limited action. It is more of a in-the-character’s-head book.

Favourite QuoteIt is agony to cry when you can’t make a sound, when you have to stuff your pillow into your mouth, almost choking yourself so that no one will hear the timbre of your real voice. No one knows how much that hurts, not even the loved ones who want to keep you safe.”

Don’t hesitate to pick up this book if you didn’t like the Matched trilogy. It is very different from other dystopian novels- trust me, I have read and tested this book.

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If you are thinking about reading this book, you can buy it after October 28th, when it is scheduled to be published.



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