Ten Book-Related Problems I Have: Top Ten Tuesday #1

Top Ten Tuesday is a book-blogger meme that is created and hosted by the ladies at The Brooke and the Bookish. There are top ten lists for every Tuesday, that we bloggers fill our ideas and opinions with.

1.   Reading a book, and then “accidentally” starting a new one
This is the most common book problem, I think. So many times I have picked up a book, flipped to the first page, and started reading it, even though I have five to six other books in my “currently-reading” shelf. Not the worst reader problem, but definitely an addictive one.

2.   Reading a book and realizing the sequel isn’t out yet
Now this is what makes me so scared of books in series and trilogies. I’m preferring stand-alones at the moment, thank you very much. You read the first book, and it ends on a cliffhanger. You proceed to read the sequel, right then and there, and realize that there is no second book. Yet. And the publishing date? 2099.


3. Reading a sequel and realizing you have no idea what’s going on
A lot of the sequels on my TBR shelf are there because I forgot what happened in the first book. I read Divergent, but never got around to reading Insurgent. Now, when I want to, I have to re-read the first one because other than the fact that Tris is in Dauntless, I know nothing. I’ll have way to many re-reads on my cards if I don’t marathon the series.


4. Not being able to buy EVERY single book on your TBR pile
I can’t choose—I need all the books. Well, mostly the ones with the pretty covers. Call me crazy, call me judgmental, but that’s how I roll. Pretty covers entice my reading interest. Also, there are way too many books on my TBR pile to be affordable. What do you think I’d do with a couple thousand extra dollars? (well, first I’d travel the world, and then buy the books :P)

5. Coming back home with too many books
For all you library-goers—you’ll understand this. Each trip to the library/bookstore, I come home with 2x or even 3x as many books as I’d planned on getting. And obviously, having no time to read all those books is a huge problem.


6. Still being in a “faze” weeks after reading a book
We Were Liars really got this problem going. I couldn’t focus on anything, much less any other book, for a long time after reading it. My mind still couldn’t process what had happened, and I struggled to get a hold of things. A lot of the best books come with this problem feature, and that’s what I like about them, despite the fact that they slow down my reading goals.


7. Not being able to read fast enough
I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t seem to read faster than a page a minute. Some readers claim that it’s not slow, but to me it seems like, “Is Everyone Reading Faster than Me?” by Mindy Kaling Parneet. This also links up with having not enough time to read, because in the end, that is a big problem.

8. Disturbances while reading (especially from loved ones)
Can I say “Don’t Disturb”? This problem is caused by that one person, quite possibly a family member, that won’t stop nagging you, poking you, making noises and always doing something. I’ve tried everything—locking myself up, putting on earmuffs, even duct-taping this “interrupting cow’s” mouth.


9. Eating/drinking while reading, and facing the crisis
I cannot count on my fingers, or on my toes, how many times I’ve felt hungry while reading and grabbed a few snacks. And then the unthinkable happens and those nasty crumbs wedge themselves into the binding and stains threaten to make the book bloody.

giphy (1)

10. “Accidentally” flipping to other pages and getting spoiled
Every. Single. Time. It’s a temptation, forbidden by god of books, but still, you cannot resist turning the page.” Just one look,” you say. “I won’t even be able to see anything.”

Then, you see something. One word. A few words. You read a sentence.

And then . . .

giphy (2)

**This was my first go at this bookish meme. How do you guys like it?

~Parneet, The Enchanted Book


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