The Selection by Kiera Cass (Review + Casting Wishlist)

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To start off, I just want to say that this is book is not that bad. It has some good things to it, and sometimes, there are parts that I’d rather just skip over. The worst part about this was the fact that America used Maxon and asked him if she could stay longer in the selection just for the money. If she knew she wasn’t going to love him, then she should have left. I get the money problems, but it was cruel to Maxon, who obviously was falling in love!

It felt like I was reading a reality show—the whole concept of it was really fun, but at the same time, it had minuscule spurts of boredom and I sort of became detached from the book around the middle, where nothing much was happening.

In the beginning, I loved how America never actually wanted to be in the Selection and she had to do it. It kind of made her seem kickass and independent. Her first meeting with Maxon, in the gardens, was my most favourite part of the book and it unleashed a whole lot of feels! They started out as friends, and progressed from there on, so there was no insta-love! Of course, they couldn’t have been with American insulting him and still not over Aspen.

I really hated Aspen and wanted to murder him when he intervened between Maxon and America. It was really irritating and honestly, I felt that he was more annoying than America, because he left her first, and then he comes back when she is finally back on her feet.

Even though I knew what was going to happen in the end, and knew by heart who she was going to choose, I still flipped the pages as fast as I could and let curiosity get the best of me. Unlike in other books, in this one, I didn’t only want to get to the end to know what was going to happen, but also how.

Favourite Quote: “- Just that. Your family must be very different from mine.
– I’d say so. – I laughed. – For one, no one wears their tiaras to breakfast.
– Maxon smiled. – More of a dinner thing at the Singer house?”
– “Of course.”

I really liked the sweet, light-hearted banters between Maxon and America and this is one of the really good ones. The time they spent together, however short it was, was always the best part.

My Movie/TV Show Casting Wishlist

This is going to be a weird mash-up of different people and I don’t actually want these to be on the movie/TV show if they don’t have good chemistry. That’s a very important thing, maybe just as much as getting the hair and eye colour right.

America Singer

I can’t think of anyone good enough to play America, but maybe this girl could portray her. Only with redder hair, though 😉

Prince Maxon

Blond hair, brown eyes. *sighs* Lucas Till is just too cute 🙂

Alex Pettyfer (below) is actually my choice for Jace Herondale but I figure he could be a cute Maxon too!

Aspen Leger

I didn’t really imagine Aspen to be this good-looking. This is actually my choice for Will Herondale, but this guy has black hair and green-ish eyes. He could work 😉


Jennette McCurdy—although, she should go light on the make-up, because in my head, Marlee doesn’t wear much of it.


8 thoughts on “The Selection by Kiera Cass (Review + Casting Wishlist)

    • Thanks- I still think Marlee needs a more bubbly, spirited-looking girl, but Jennette works too 😀 Aspen is high on my murder list lol 🙂 And you’re welcome—this buddy read thing was so much fun!

  1. I am reading the series right now, I am currently on the third book. I do agree with the fact that some parts are less exciting than others. But I still want to see how it all ends!

    I also think Lucas Till would be a great Maxon!

    • A few weeks ago, I picked up The Elite but I just couldn’t do it because of other work, but I’ll be reading it soon because I want to find out how it wraps up, too 🙂 Haha, yes, he would 😀 I just took one look at him, and thought about Maxon so he had to be starring in the post 😛 Thank you ❤

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