ARC Book Haul | Mini Edition


This is actually my first real book haul! I did one about a year ago, but it was only two books πŸ™‚ This is a ARC-only book haul, so let’s get started with the book photo shoot!

*Thanks to Penguin Random house for sending me all these lovely books! And these are actually hardcovers! *squeals with delight πŸ˜€


Oh, this is so pretty! And the spine actually looks like an old volume!


It seems like everybody’s reading this. I love coffee and the cover feels really soft, so why not?


The cover’s actually out now and the book released on May 12.


I actually got this one a few weeks ago, but there weren’t enough books for a real “haul” so I waited to accumulate a few more πŸ™‚ Sorry about the lighting. The clouds outside were shifting a lot and I think the flash on my camera turned off.

How’s your summer? Have you guys done anything fun?


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