Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine | ARC Review

*Thanks to Penguin Random House and NAL for giving me an ARC for review. This does not affect my review and all opinions and thoughts below are my own.

The publishers weren’t messing around when they said this book was like the Harry Potter series. It might not be similar in plot, but the feel of the story was the same and magic plays an important role in both. Jess Brightwell helps his father in his business, book smuggling, in a time where personal ownership of books is illegal and the Great Library controls everything. Life is already hard, but it gets worse when Jess is enrolled in training to become a Scholar, a part of the Library.

The book, even though it is a dystopian novel, wasn’t hard to get into, and I found myself anticipating and loving every part of it. The author launched into the story from the start, and I barely knew anything about the world, or the characters in the beginning but as the plot progressed, little by little the traits were revealed and the true natures of the characters caught up to me, and this made reading the book all the more fun.

The action scenes—and there were a lot of them—were all wonderfully written and the suspense in the book was carefully measured—I wanted to keep reading, but I didn’t feel like I was in any hurry to get to that part by skipping the rest of the scenes, as sometimes happens when there is a fair amount of tension.

Overall, the book was very entertaining, skilfully penned and the ephemeras—which I now know that are like written memorabilia—after each chapter kept the story going and really provided an insight of stuff happening in the rest of the world. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series—this book swept me away!

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