Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I have no idea why I didn’t read this before. I saw it in the library about a year ago, and I still made no move to pick it up even though The Lunar Chronicles is so popular among humans of the book world! I guess it was the fairytale retelling part that turned me off it because I wasn’t very fond of them, but now I’m starting to take more interest in this area.

This is a surprisingly fresh take on Cinderella, and it made me more interested in fairytales. The whole Lunar colony on the moon and cyborgs and androids on Earth living among humans was very interesting and I think the incorporation of that made this story stand out to me. Also, the fact that this takes place in the future is really cool.

The plot is pretty strong, with secrets and lies embedded in it like ID chips. There are some clichรฉs like Cinder is an orphaned child and a war still waging on that has changed everything, but there was also a lot of originality, surprisingly. And, oh, Queen Levana is a whole new story. She made my blood boil and I couldn’t hate her any less.

Cinder and Kai are very unique charactersโ€”Cinder, the cyborg kickass mechanic, and Kai, the charming heartthrob prince. Cinder is the perfect protagonist with a good sense of humor and , but she is kept real by her insecurities of being a cyborg. I liked her patience with her step-family and all the wrongs they did to her. I practically seethed when her step-mother tried to stop her from going to the ball and ordered her to do chores. I hated the step-mother and the step-sister, and felt empathetic towards Cinder.

And did I mention Cinder is a cyborg with really cool abilities like a whole database installed in her? So freaking amazing.

The romance is very light, which I’m a bit grateful for because although it is a nice addition to stories, it sometimes completely takes over the plot. And so, overall, this was a really great book and I ended up giving it a full five stars.


Human by Christina Perri

I think this song ironically connects with the book because cyborgs like Cinder aren’t given much respect and thought to be machines who don’t have any feelings.


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