Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks to Vivian @ outsidehook, Raven @ Dreamy Addictions, Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles, Mariana @ Book is Glee and Tori @ Book Dreamer. Their blogs are really amazing and I always read them because they’re so good 😀 I’m really really sorry this post is late but I didn’t want to bombard you guys with award posts and only tags 🙂

What You Have to Do:

  • Tell the world why you started blogging!
  • Give advice/tips to new bloggers
  • Share the picture above
  • Let your nominees know that you think they’re awesome
  • Share the link to Edge of Night for the original post

My Not-So-Interesting-And-Barely-There Story

I had no plans in mind to create a book blog. In fact, when I started, I thought blogs and websites were the same. (Don’t blame me, I was only 13). I wasn’t that much into reading either and I mostly only picked up Nancy Drew books from the library because I had no idea that there was a Young Adult section in the library! One day, I stumbled upon it when I was bored and found the Harry Potter books and others like The Hobbit. I can’t say I was interested from the very start, but it grew on me and now I need to read everyday because it’s just so much fun.

The blog was a bit of an accident—I wasn’t planning on it but I just wanted to experiment with it. And then I started posting some reviews on the books that I’d read (mind you, they were very bad and were basically a summary instead of my thoughts). Now, two years later, I’m doing much better because now I actually know what works best for me in terms of writing and reading. I think.

My Advice

I’m going to keep this very basic, but genuine. This goes for all bloggers, not just book bloggers.

  • I know most bloggers out there dream of making it big, being the one with thousands of followers, and hundreds of comments. I used to think that way too, and if I’m honest, I still do, sometimes. But you have to remember—views, comments, likes, followers, etc. are not as important. You should love what you do and what you blog about. If you’re passionate, these things will follow.
  • Make your blog unique. Don’t overload your blog with memes, tags, etc. These are great, but try to do some posts where you share your ideas with the world.
  • Connect with others. Come on, this is your chance! Make new friends. chat with others and help them out! They are starting out/started out from point zero too, and all of them are very nice. Comment on their posts, wish them a good day, etc. But don’t do it for the likes, follows—do it because you care for them and would like to help them 🙂

I’m going to nominate some new blogs that I’ve started following over the past couple of days because they are just so awesome! These lovely bloggers deserve to be recognized for their hard work ❤

Beatrice @ When Curiosity Killed the Cat

Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl

Lara @ katnisspotterbooklover


12 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Oohhh geez. Thanks. 😀 This is kind of overwhelming. (Uhm… I’m so overwhelmed and speechless at the same time that I kind of rechecked it twice). Hahaha. Thank you for the nomination. It’s my first time being nominated. 🙂

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