From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

Lucas is dying. He has cancer, and everyone, including his family and friends, has given up on him. Except his girlfriend Emma. She prays day and night, knowing that Lucas will be all right and one day, he wakes up from his comatose state. Everyone is relieved and joyful, but Emma knows there’s something wrong with him. Something that has got to do with the object that landed in the fields outside.

We don’t get to know Lucas much in the story, but an overall idea of him is given by Emma. She’s an okay lead, but she didn’t really have the spirit in her that makes the reader feel something for the characters or the book.

Scout, the alien from the other planet, was really sweet and innocent, despite being very intelligent. He was made believable, but there wasn’t much insight about his feelings and other than what he told everyone else. He had a very short point-of-view in the book, yet it seems like I know him better than I know the main character, Emma.

I felt that the story was a bit too short and under-developed. I needed some more time with the characters to get to know them properly and actually relate with their problems. It was not the best sci-fi book, as I would have liked to know more about the alien planet. It was really interesting and it felt like the show ended right at the peak. However, it has been a while since I’ve read a science fiction book, so I might be biased.

In my opinion, science fiction lovers would enjoy this book, but only if you don’t pay attention to the little details that were slightly amiss. The age range for this one would be around 14-15 years old, because older readers might not like the vague answers and explanations.

“This is a very confusing planet. People believe things that aren’t true about other people just because of how they look and what kind of vehicle they drive. Why can you not wait and see who they are inside before you make a decision?” “Because we’re afraid,” I said.

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*Thanks to NetGalley and Karen McQuestion for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

From a Distant Star


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