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I never thought I’d become this busy with school, but as it turns out, I’ve had no time to blog since school started even though I didn’t do my homework and it’s still pending! I’ve just been more tired recently and not able to do much, but now it’s Saturday! Let’s switch the radio on (Bad Blood is playing) and get on with the last of summer days tag. It’s around 25 degrees celsius here and fall is FAST approaching, so it’s a fit time to do this 🙂 Analee @BookSnacks tagged me to do this tag, and so here I am!

1. Lemonade: pick a book that started off bitter but got better


Eragon started out okay, but got much better by the middle, and then dropped down in the end. The plot was really good, and the writing appealed to me, but I need to read it again and see if I like it or not because not a lot comes to mind when I look at this book now.

2. Golden sun: pick a book that made you smile beyond compare


Etienne is number two on my book boyfriend list (second to only the one and only Will Herondale) and it’s no surprise that I’ve picked this book. It made me smile, giggle so hard that I snorted, chuckle.. you get it. It made my cheeks hurt. If you haven’t read it, then I suggest joining Anna Banana and her beautiful friend, Monsieur Etienne St.Clair on a beautiful journey to beautiful Paris right now.

3. Tropical flowers: pick a book set in a different country


These books are set in India and based a lot on Indian mythology and culture. I really like how a lot of the traditions and culture is incorporated into these books and Ren is such a sweetie! If you haven’t read this, you should!

4. Tree shade: pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced


I’m going to go with Analee’s choice for this one—the Darkling. At first, I didn’t find him very shady, and thought the Apparat was more mysterious. but as the story progressed, I began to have doubts about him.

5. Beach sand: pick a book that was grainy, and the plot barely developed


The plot might have developed some, but this book was overall just bland and didn’t have much going on. I tried to like it, but it was a fail for me.

6. Green grass: pick a character(s) that was/were full of life


The characters of this book were the best, and they really made the book a favourite. The four guys in the band—JJ, Oliver, Alec and Xander were so alive and fun all the time and reading it made me so happy, like I was living the moments too, with them.

7. Watermelon: pick a book that had some juicy secrets


I can’t say ‘secrets’ were spilled in these books, but there was a lot of confusion and a lot of moments where I went ‘oh, I see!”. These books require some thinking on your part and that’s what I like about them, along with the futuristic alien-apocalypse thing that’s going on here.

8. Sun hat: pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting


This is a fantasy book set in mainly the kingdom of Winter, but it takes place in a country(?) or land called Primoria and there are four Season kingdoms: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and four Rhythm kingdoms: Yakim, Cordell, Ventralli and Paisly. Throw in some plains and mountains and you’ve got an enormous land.

9. BBQ: pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk


Raffe is a girl’s dream come true. He’s lean, got awesome abs and he’s an angel. And Penryn’s all over him, if you can’t tell by this:

  “He leans down, and his lips hover a hair’s breadth from mine. I close my eyes, feeling the tingle of anticipation.
  Then he presses his lips to mine. His warmth spreads out from my lips down into my chest and stomach. Time stops, and   I forget about everything else – the apocalypse, my enemies, watching eyes, monsters in the night.
  All I feel is the kiss.
  All I am is Raffe’s girl.”

10. Summer fun: pass the tag on

Yes! Probably my favourite part of this tag 🙂

Jacqueline @ BlueJayBooks

Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm

Meg @ Little Blog of Books

Daniel @ How to Read Books

Chantelle @ wallflowereads


11 thoughts on “The Summer Reader Tag

  1. Oh my gosh!! Looks like I have another contender for Will and Etienne’s girlfriend LOL. I actually watched some YoutTube tutorials on British accent because of St Clair!! Thanks for tagging me Parneet! 🙂 Hope you’ll have a great time at school 😀

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