Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon! | Goals and TBR

Yes, I’m doing another one. It’s never too late to start right? Technically, it has already started and there are about 6 hours left until the first day is over, but you know what? It’s just reading. AND READING HAS NO LIMITS! Which is really the best part about it. Just kidding.

This read-a-thon (one that I’ve never heard of before, but will probably do again in the future) is hosted by Wishful Endings and the rules and info are:

The Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon begins Monday, September 14th and ends Sunday, September 27th, with a wrap-up (including giveaway winners) on September 28th. You do not have to be a blogger to sign up. Just use your Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr, or leave a comment stating that you’ll just post updates on my blog commenting on my updates instead (just pick a place you’re going to post updates on). For the linky, you need to leave a link (so if you’re going to post on my blog, then leave the link to my blog, but your email so that I have a way to reach you). When the read-a-thon officially begins, you all will have a chance to add a sign-up/goals post (or leave it in comments in response to mine when that goes up on September 14th).

What can you read as part of the read-a-thon? Anything. It can be an audiobook, ebook, physical book, published, ARC, etc. There are no restrictions. The idea is to lower our TBR piles and any way you want to do that is just fine by me. 

This time, I’m going to try to keep my goals more reading-oriented and less of how much I read. So instead of saying I’ll read 10 books in this time, I’ll say something like I’ll read 100 pages a day.


  • Read at least a 100 pages a day
  • Read the ARCs first!—I have so many! I need to focus on these for now.
  • Use any spare time to just sit AND READ.
  • Try posting daily updates (don’t worry, I’ll have normal posts too!)
  • Try to lower my Netgalley ratio by reading and reviewing the ARCs (the reviews might be posted after the readathon)

My Ambitious and Unstable TBR:


(Is it just me or these books have the same colour shades? Purple blue purple blue?!)

Are you guys particpating? Let me know what you’ll be reading this week 🙂 Have you read any of the books above? Happy reading!


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