Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

The story captured me from the start, but the writing didn’t engulf me until a few pages in. It was amazing how Sara Raasch played with the words and created sentences that really meant something. I appreciated the background stories too and how they were revealed to the reader.

Both love interests, Mather and Prince Theron, were so likable and both had their own sweet qualities. I don’t even know who I’m cheering for because I can’t decide between them, but it’s looking like Prince Theron is the one. I personally think the love triangle was really unnecessary and it is stated from the start that Mather and Meira can’t be together, but even so the plot progresses with it.

The relationship between Meira and Mather and Theron was really good but the father-daughter bond between her and Sir, the general of the Winter army and the person who took little orphan Meira in, was much more beautiful. It was affectionate and understanding and shows that YA books don’t solely focus on romance alone, but also love—motherly, fatherly, sisterly love is just as important.

Meira herself was a very strong character and her personality suited really well with the girl who wanted to be a hero, someone who mattered and helped her people. Her willpower is so strong and she is so determined, I think she can shatter walls with her perseverance alone. If I had to pick a character that I aspire to be, it would be Meira.

Around a hundred pages in or so, I guessed the big secret that was being hidden from Meira and I was quite surprised. There was some foreshadowing, but overall it shouldn’t have been that easy. It was really interesting, though, and probably kicked the story up a few notches. I feel as if I enjoyed it even more after the secret was revealed.

This book makes me want to transfer myself to the world of Primoria. It sounds so beautiful, plains and kingdoms and all, and the setting seems interesting. I think I’d like to live in Winter. It also opened up the world of fantasy for me. I liked fantasy book before too, and I enjoyed The Hobbit and similar books, but this one gives me the fantasy feels. Like picking up a book about dragons and kingdoms and new worlds in general.

Would I recommend?— Definitely.

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7 thoughts on “Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

  1. Nice review! I’ve been meaning to read this book, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Not the biggest fan of love triangles, but it sounds like there is enough world building/ other details going on here for the story to be engaging in spite of it.

      • You’re welcome! Sounds like I will need to pick this one up because it does sound like something I would really like. Part of the reason I’ve put it off for so long is because I’ve heard the world building is based around the seasons and I’ve been revising a fantasy project that has a slight basis around the season, though not nearly as much as I’ve heard this book does. I was kind of worried the simularities might influence my revision process.

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