The Ten Wishes I Would Demand from the Book Genie in a Well Ordered Universe


I have no kidnapping or mischievous abilities whatsoever, but if tomorrow I happened to wake up knowing how to succeed in the art of finding and trapping a book genie, these are the wishes that I would demand he grant me. Because genies are like that, you know? You don’t politely ask, you demand. 

I’d ask for:

The ability to read 2x faster

I’ve given it some thought, and decided that this would definitely be at the top of my wishlist. I would give anything to be able to read 10x faster, but I’m not going to be that harsh on Mr.Genie, so I’ve (painfully) reduced it down to only 2x faster. Then I could read a book every two days, realistically, (although I like to think that I already do) and conquer those Goodreads challenges and brag about reading 150 books a year.

Bringing book characters to life

Yeah, that’s right. Hand over Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices, Ren from Tiger’s Curse and Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss. I’ll take them all. Although I hate the idea of cheating on one to be with the other, what can I do? I cannot choose and I must let my poor, poor heart have them, because the heart wants what it wants. (Ha Ha.)

Bookshelves the size of giant sequoia trees

This needs no explanation. I believe we all should have bookshelves as tall as the tallest trees and books as much as the young heart needs. (Just look at that rhyme!) Now if someone were to only build me a ladder 100m tall.

Getting access to books before anybody else

Yes. I must be the first to open the crisp pages of the book because it calls out to me. It begs to be held by my hands in a loving embrace and sitting there on the giant sequoia tree bookshelf unread and unworn, for centuries. Let me feast my eyes. I am a hungry bookworm and my heart yearns for the food that is the book. Let the hunger games begin!

Have the money to buy each and every book

This is Kat from Katytastic’s bookshelf, but I’d steal it any day. If I had the super strength to carry it!

Now that I already have the humongous bookshelves, all I need are hundreds of books to fill them with. I’d buy all the books on my TBR and beautifully display them. Of course, with the 2x reading speed, it would be much easier to read them and then we’d all be happy.

A personal chef to make all my snacks

Because if Percy gets to have ambrosia, then I get this.

Because what is reading without satiating your hunger? I spend a lot of time choosing and making snacks to eat while reading (because of course it is such an exhausting hobby) and my life would improve so much if I were to be given a personal chef who would kindly and gladly cook all my meals. Now that’s a wish I’d live for.

Magical powers like Percy Jackson’s so I could be in a fantasy book series

Just imagine. If I had powers, I could do anything. I want to have powers like Percy Jackson’s (no, not his sister!) and be able to control water. And then I’d surf on it like he does in the movies and do all these cool stunts and when an author saw me, they’d immediately make me the star of their awesome fantasy book. Or I could also manage if I had Athena’s power of knowledge and wisdom. I’d be the all-knowing genius.

Multi-tasking super powers so I could blog and read and…

This is aside from my H2O magical powers. This would enable me to be able to read and devote time to blogging, whilst also having time to play sports, do the dreaded homework and get the highest grades. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to do this with the back of their hand. Also, thinking up ideas for blog posts, because how do people do that?

Never falling into a reading slump

They. are. just. so. damn. hard. You want to read, but you don’t. Reading slumps for me don’t last more than a few days, but that’s a few days you missed out on when you could have been reading and trying (unsuccessfully) to beat the clock. Thankfully many bloggers and booktubers out there have amazing tips on how to get through them, but it’d be awesome if they never happened in the first place, no?

To have something like BEA in other countries

These are Danielle’s BEA ARC’s from

Why should only Americans get access to this? What about Canadians, Britishers, Australians, and other countries? There needs to be a big book conference with ARCs (oh yes, bring on the heady dose) in each country. Some countries do have them, but there are avid readers in every country, so this is a must. Also, something like a book blogger conference would be simply amazing! I’d get to meet all the awesome people in the blogosphere and all of my lovely followers 🙂

What wishes would you demand? That is assuming if I even let the genie out of my grasp, but you can always dream, right? 😉 Have a nice evening/morning/afternoon!


9 thoughts on “The Ten Wishes I Would Demand from the Book Genie in a Well Ordered Universe

  1. Katytastic’s bookshelf is the dream. I want it! Also, yes to bringing Will and Etienne to life, could they please just follow me around so they could be my eye candy and sass partner XD

  2. Money to be able to buy all the books in the world sounds like a decent wish for me hahaha. Also a room filled with bookshelves that reach the ceilings is like my dream 😱

  3. Bahaha! I was totally looking at the bookshelves the size of sequoia trees going ‘wait… how do you reach the books, though? -.-‘ Yeah… Though, the ladder definitely helps! :p

    Woah! The snacks thing threw me off, but it totally makes sense. I mean, who wants to pause reading to make snacks? Wonderful idea!

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