January Wrap Up and February TBR

I’m not dead. Just dying. There’s not even that much work to do or tasks to complete for the day—I blame it all on Tumblr. It clutched me in its sharp claws and stole my soul. All those half-sleepless nights spent finishing work at midnight because only then had the devil called Tumblr released me from its grasp, are for naught.

I don’t even want to do a wrap-up. Only three books, albeit great ones.



★★★★ 4 stars              ★★★★★ 5 stars           ★★½  2.5 stars


In school, we have so many days off this month. I think all four weeks are four school days only! Of course this means more time to read.


I’ll leave the rest (if possible haha) on my mood. I might read another fantasy or take a break from it and pick up some contemporary.

Hopefully some reviews will be coming soon 🙂
Happy reading everyone x


December Wrap Up and January TBR

Here’s to a new year—2016! I read three books out of my set TBR for this month. That’s a first time accomplishment.



★★★★★ 5 stars            ★★★★★ 5 stars               ★★★★ 4 stars

Throne of Glass review

8 Reasons to Read Illuminae + Review



Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No.



November Wrap Up | December TBR

Can you even believe how fast this year went by? It’s so hard to take in! I still think it’s only been a few months since 2015 started. They say that flies by faster when you’re having fun, but it goes by even faster when your teachers torture you with enormous amounts of homework and ridiculous projects that bend your brain every which way.

November was quite stressful for me, but December is going to be such a big relief, thanks to the winter break. I will probably have a lot more time to read!



 Review                         (coming soon)

★★★   3 stars          ★★★★1/2   4.5 stars        ★★★   3 stars


I’m 25% through Throne of Glass, and I am loving it already! It’s so hard to choose between Dorian and Chaol—I was originally Team Dorian but I’m starting to really like Chaol too. Ahh, why must Sarah J. Maas toy with my heart like this?



All of these books sound so good! I don’t even know how I’m going to pick one to read first. I didn’t pick any holiday reads, simply because I’m not much of a romance person and a lot of holiday books do focus on it quite a bit. Do you guys have any recommendations?

Books I Need to Read Before 2016

You will be seeing a lot more of these posts around, especially now that 2015 is coming to an end and I still haven’t read most of the books that I wanted to.

I would love to be able to read all the books on my tbr, but school, and specifically, my English teacher, doesn’t let me do that. I’ve had to write like 4 short stories, an essay, a couple paragraphs and 2 projects just this month and I had to pull an all-nighter yesterday to finish my homework. So I don’t love my English teacher, as you can see. But it does give me a good opportunity to practice and refine my writing 🙂

There is only about a month left in 2015, so I will not make a long list, but we do have a few days of winter break to read! Don’t you just love winter?

Yes, even I’m surprised. How have I not read the book with the biggest fandom on the internet, second only to Harry Potter??

I don’t even know how many reviews I have read for this book that have given it 4 and 5 stars. I am so excited to read this!

I haven’t been able to finish this since I started it in July. I love the series and the plot is so intriguing, but I just can’t get myself to read it all for some reason. I might have to start again.

I loved Winner’s Curse! I have started reading this, but it is pretty long, so it might take a little while 🙂 Politics, games, betrayals.. I’m all up for it!

School has been getting the best of me these days, but I assure you that anytime now, I will be able to blog properly again. Today I was only able to write a short little post because I’m functioning on 5 hours of sleep, but you can expect a Top Ten tomorrow.. or not, depending on my mood. We don’t want to push it, do we? 😉

Good night 🙂

October Wrap Up and November TBR | The Most Pathetic of Them All



  • I am so bad at finishing ARCs! My NetGalley ratio is currently 50%, but I’ve been trying to get it up to 80% for so long! I’m trying again this month and reading a few of those unread books.
  • Is anyone taking part in NaNoWriMo? I’m usually a Pantser, but I’m trying to become a Planner so this month I won’t be writing as much as planning. And then I might write the novel during winter break in December and January. So far it’s looking good 🙂
  • I have read 47 out of 50 books for my Goodreads challenge! That’s 10 more than last year, so big improvement. I’m hoping to get it up to 60 books for this year.

Interesting posts this month:

The Ten Wishes I Would Demand from the Book Genie

Discussion: What Makes a “Good” Book Review (with tips)


I read two of the books from my said TBR last month, and I’m currently reading the third.

I only read 3 books in total this month, but I’m not disappointed, because I’m currently reading three books and I did have school work to do first. I didn’t post a wrap-up for the readathon I did either because I didn’t read anything


     ★★★★  4 stars          ★★★★1/2   4.5 stars         ★★★★★  5 stars                 ★★★   3 stars



This is probably the latest wrap up and TBR ever written. But I’m actually happy with myself for getting it posted because I’ve been cringing every time I see this. I barely read 4 books last month! Let’s hope I read more this time 🙂

Have a great day!

September Wrap-Up | October (and Halloween) TBR


Fall has started, and I’m already in a better mood. I love summer, but the excitement of it starts to fade when summer does and school starts. But with October in swing now, and Halloween just around the corner, I feel like I can run a marathon!


  • Ooh, I tried to change up the colors for the logo thingy above, and I think it looks pretty cool with the Halloween traditional shades. What do you guys think?
  • I’m still on the NetGalley ban, and I have about 4 e-ARCS left before I can request another one. No! Time flies by so fast, but sometimes it seems so slow…
  • Are you participating in YASH? It’s a scavenger hunt with book authors and there’s EIGHT teams! Each team has its own signed book prizes, so go check it out! The giveaway and hunt end on October 4, I believe. Click here.


I read two of the books from my said TBR last month, and I’m currently reading the third.

I only read 3 books in total this month, but I’m not disappointed, because I’m currently reading three books and I did have school work to do first. I didn’t post a wrap-up for the readathon I did either because I didn’t read anything 🙂

A Tale of Two Besties: A Hello Giggles Novel  Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo  What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi

       ★★  2 stars                ★★★★   4 stars                 ★★★  3 stars


I’m currently reading 3 books, so I want to finish those this month first.


I want to read some Halloween-ish books this month too, so I tried adding together some ARC’s that I have, because I do have some “creepy” ones.


What are your reads for Halloween? I know I will celebrate the day by eating candy all day long and reading and staying under the blankets. I might even go trick-or-treating with my little sister.

Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR

First of all, I’d like to apologize for being MIA—I haven’t posted anything for about ten days, I think? I really miss blogging and I haven’t been able to read much as well (well there goes the readathon). I didn’t have much school work either but I just haven’t had the spirit and I didn’t want to really force myself. But today, I’m back with a Top Ten Tuesday!

1. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

It’s confirmed. I’m the only person who hasn’t read the Throne of Glass series yet. And the internet is already full of Queen of Shadows spoilers!

2. Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

I’ll admit it: it was the cover. But even though it was love at first sight, I really like the historical aspect of the book and the fact that the author is a historian? Awe-some.

3. Cress by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet was just so good. I can’t wait to see Cinder, Scarlet, Captain Thorne and Prince Kai on their adventures again! And let’s not forget little Iko (although she would kill me if she knew I called her “little”).

4. Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz

I’ve seen some good reviews on this one and I have an e-arc from NetGalley, so why not?

5. The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

I might read The Warrior Heir too but considering that this series is already finished, I’d probably start with this one. Ooh, also the name ‘Demon King’ sounds so Halloween-esque.

6. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

The (bookish) internet is exploding with reviews of this book and how could I possibly not read a book everyone else is reading? (That’s dry sarcasm—I’ve read very few ‘popular’ books!)

7. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and Bone left me with a weird feeling. A good-weird feeling, and now I can’t wait for this one. I want to know if my suspicions about the Darkling are right and how the plot progresses.

8. Armada by Ernest Cline

I haven’t read Ready Player One but a book about gaming and videogames sounds so cool! I don’t play much myself but I do like to watch others and talk about it.

9. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner’s Crime was one of my best reads this year and I’m totally up to something a little political, so this book seems perfect for that. And of course, I’d like to meet Arin again 🙂

10. A Magic Dark and Bright by Jenny Adams Perinovic

It’s something to do with mental asylums and thrillers, I think. Sounds good for around October.

I’ll try to be back tomorrow with a book review, so stay by me. I promise I won’t fail you again. (Not intentionally, anyways.)