January Wrap Up and February TBR

I’m not dead. Just dying. There’s not even that much work to do or tasks to complete for the day—I blame it all on Tumblr. It clutched me in its sharp claws and stole my soul. All those half-sleepless nights spent finishing work at midnight because only then had the devil called Tumblr released me from its grasp, are for naught.

I don’t even want to do a wrap-up. Only three books, albeit great ones.



★★★★ 4 stars              ★★★★★ 5 stars           ★★½  2.5 stars


In school, we have so many days off this month. I think all four weeks are four school days only! Of course this means more time to read.


I’ll leave the rest (if possible haha) on my mood. I might read another fantasy or take a break from it and pick up some contemporary.

Hopefully some reviews will be coming soon 🙂
Happy reading everyone x


Camp NaNoWriMo!!!

I know, I know. NaNoWriMo is almost over and now I am writing this. But I really really want to give out some quick tips for writing before it is over. Are you halfway there to your novel? If not, you only have 11 days to finish a first draft. That is what the website says. But you don’t have to. You can also complete your novel during April or November, the official NaNo month. July is not your only option. Here are some tips:-

1. Write. Yes, it sounds lame but that is what you are there for, right? So get on with it already!

2. Pace your writing. Try to do extra words on some days so even if you have an emergency like a party or a trip, you will still be able to catch up.

3. Ask others to criticize your novel. NaNoWriMo November has this feature, though you can still do it through NaNo mail during April or July.

4. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. What a big word. But for writers, it means a lot. A luring trap. Do not let it suck you in. It is like a black hole. The more you delay your writing, the more harder it will get to finish your goal on time.

4. Lock your inner editor. That editor can be a devil or an angel depending on the part you are doing. Lock it up for the first draft part. Unleash it during the editing. It needs to experience jail.

5. Read. Read. Read anything and everything from thrillers, supernatural, historical fiction, fan fiction, psychological thrillers, fantasy, adventure to non fiction. See how everything is placed and described.

6. For the above tip on reading, notice the details. Read a novel twice. The first time, let yourself be absorbed into the story. The second time look for what pulled you into it. What made it interesting. Was it the writing style? The characters? Or was it a brilliant idea of a plot?

7. Do not correct anything. You might have heard this a lot of times and thought, ‘Yeah, right. That person probably just doesn’t want me to be famous.’ But no, it is not like that. Just write for the first part. Write whatever you think fits but do not erase. Editing comes second.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Please post them in comments. For November, I will post a new ‘Novel Writing Tips’ section. Your tip might be included. And yes, I will mention your name.